Service Agreement

Where recurring services are not anticipated, a single Service Agreement would combine applicable provisions of a Master Services Agreement with a Work Order section or attachment.

Master Services Agreement

A Master Services Agreement (or MSA) serves to create standard terms between parties that anticipate recurring services by the Service Provider party for the Service Recipient party.

An MSA might typically address obvious matters like: worker qualifications, quality expectations, termination of services, termination of the agreement, reporting, invoicing schedules and payment terms.

Other potentially important concerns include: solicitation of customers or employees, intellectual property rights, confidentiality, use of materials, representations, warranties, insurance, indemnification, liability limitations, remedies and damages.

The MSA provides for multiple intermittent Statements of Work (SOW’s, Work Orders, or similarly purposed documents) that identify particular services, deliverables, time frames, personnel involved, pricing and other matters applicable to that individual SOW.

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