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*Personal Contracts*

Family members lend money to family members. Couples enter into prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements. People make contracts with other people every day. Employees make contracts with their employers.

A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into by prospective spouses in advance of their marriage. Its general purpose is to divide property between the spouses. It may include agreements as to allocation of debts and as to spousal support. To be considered in a divorce proceeding, a prenup must conform to state law.

A postnuptial agreement is a contract entered into by spouses while married. Its general purpose is to divide property between the spouses. It may include agreements as to allocation of debts and as to spousal support. Ordinarily, to be considered in a divorce proceeding, a postnup must be fair to both spouses, must be in writing and must have been entered into voluntarily and intentionally by both spouses.

Our severance agreement review service for displaced employees works like this:  Upon receipt of a low fixed fee and the contract in question (often labeled: Employment Separation Agreement or Severance Agreement), an Attorney will examine the contract and then confer with you by telephone or in office for up to 30 minutes to review our findings and suggestions regarding what you are giving up and the risks you take in signing the agreement. The elements considered will include as, and to the extent the attorney deems, appropriate:

  1. Waivers and Releases of Claims,
  2. The likely impact of the agreement on a prospective claim for Unemployment Benefits,
  3. Characterization of the reason for employment termination,
  4. Mutuality,
  5. References,
  6. Future Cooperation,
  7. Non-Competition, Non-Disclosure, Non-Solicitation Concerns,
  8. Confidentiality Requirements,
  9. Possible Impact of Prior Documents,
  10. Personal Property and Company Property,
  11. Re-employment Possibilities,
  12. Professional Liability Concerns, where applicable,
  13. Contingencies,
  14. Breach Provisions, and
  15. General information, if any, that the Attorney deems worthy of notice.
  16. A response to specific questions

The fixed fee pertains to standard typed contracts of 6 pages or less.  Armed with the information obtained, many individuals have been able to accept, or improve upon, the offered severance agreement. If desired, further services and additional meeting time are available at Contract Solutions standard fees.

Contract Solutions frequently creates Employment Agreements for its Business Clients. We are also able to help individuals understand and negotiate the terms of any employment agreement that a new employer wants signed.

A contract to make or not to make a will or to give a specific gift under a will, or to revoke or not to revoke a will or a specific gift by will, or to die intestate will be enforceable if certain requirements are met. For relevant Massachusetts law, reference the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code.

Contract Solutions can help you with an effective Will Contract.

Selling a used car or any other personal property. Usually a well-stated Bill of Sale is the contract executed between buyer and seller.

An IOU or a personal loan agreement is one common form of personal agreement. Typically, one party provides funds or the use of funds to the second party, and the second party promises to pay back the indebtedness with interest on a particular payment schedule. The repayment plan may be described within a promissory note. Often such borrowings are collateralized so that the lender may take possession of certain borrower property if the loan is not repaid.

Individuals frequently guarantee lease payments and repayment of debts owed by their businesses or family members. Without such guarantees, landlords and lenders would be unwilling to lease properties or make loans or lease.

If you are asked to guarantee a lease or repayment of a debt, consider reviewing the guarantee agreement with Contract Solutions before signing.

The lion’s share of lawsuits and potential lawsuits are settled outside of court.

  • The money offered is never the whole story. If you are involved in a lawsuit and a settlement offer has been made to you, consider contacting Contract Solutions to review the agreement. We will help you identify what you are giving up and what you are promising by signing. Armed with that information, you will be in a position to negotiate the terms of agreement should you desire.
  • If you need assistance drafting or reviewing a settlement agreement, please consider Contract Solutions.

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