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Expertise in Complex Real Estate Transactions

Contract Solutions represents buyers and sellers in highly complex real estate transactions including drafting and negotiation of Purchase & Sale agreements and of private mortgage documents. We refer our clients to Touchstone Closing & Escrow for all real estate closing activities.

Whether you are the buyer or the seller, whenever you engage in a real estate transaction, the closing of which may hinge on multiple extraordinary contingencies (like easements by non-parties, completion of other projects, condominium bylaws, or complicated financing), consider contacting Contract Solutions BEFORE preparing or signing an offer form.

Condominium Buyers: The devil may be in the details of those condominium documents. Consider adding your full and complete personal satisfaction with all condominium documents to your list of contingencies that must be satisfied before closing. Also, Consider contacting Contract solutions and requesting a review of those condominium documents.

If you are a Massachusetts property owner or builder converting residential or commercial properties into condominiums, consider retaining Contract Solutions to work through your plans with you, to prepare and file your condominium paperwork (including Master Deeds, Association Governance documents and By-Laws), to protect your interests, and to ensure that you are well represented during the unit sales process.

Too many Commercial Leases and Office Leases are stale, confusing, ambiguous, misapplied, and worst of all not as enforceable as a landlord might want. If you are, or represent, a landlord, we can work with you to understand your property and your objectives; and we can fix those old problem leases for you.

If you are a business owner looking for a place to locate your office, store, factory, or R&D, let Contract Solutions have a look at that lease before you sign it.

If you are a property owner, we can help you put together a strong lease. If you are a renter, consider letting Contract Solutions look at your lease and report back before you sign.

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